Nothing like a client's praise!

Today, I started working to read this:

"After having read your translation, we concluded it was done with great care, knowledge and rigour and will certainly continue to work with you in the future".

This was one of the most difficult translations I ever did for a new client.

Time to celebrate!

Published: 11/06/2015


“Small steps to increase our income!”
Last Saturday, the 11th of April, I attended in my home town the conference “Small steps to increase our income!”. This was also the first conference sponsored by APTRAD!

I met several dozens of colleagues and listened carefully to Alessia Vonau, Rui Sousa, Susana Valdez, Carla Sousa, Ana-Maria Chaves, Fernando Ferreira Alves and Marta Gama who shared with us all great expertise and advice. I also had the enormous pleasure of meeting in person for the first time a dear, dear colleague of mine, with whom I have been working for several years as a translator/editor team. Thank you Artur! See you all shortly, I hope!

Published: 16/04/2015


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